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Ideal Building was founded on the principles of honesty, commitment and quality craftsmanship. Since that time, Ideal Building has upheld these founding principles, and embodied them in every project and every work activity undertaken by the company. Along the way Ideal Building has earned a reputation for delivering tough construction projects in a timely fashion, meeting budgetary milestones and satisfying clients expectations. Ideal Building has the technology, vision, staff and resources to deliver the Total project success.

We use a “Team” approach to handling each particular project. We include you as a member of our Team, in that we keep you fully apprized of progress and seek your input. We are fully committed to meeting your budgets, functional needs, and time constraints. We are quality builders with the experience, resources, equipment and personnel to handle any project, no matter how large or small.

My partner Bill Gehri and I, Robert Martini are both three year Washington State graduate apprentices in the field of construction. Both Bill and I have extensive background in blue print reading, layout and all aspects of construction.

Bill has been in the construction trades since 1985. Starting as a laborer and working through his apprenticeship he became one of the superintendents for a top Seattle based company before joining Ideal Building. Bills experience ranges from major and minor residential projects to major commercial projects such as the Duvall Safeway, eight elementary schools, several restaurants, and various other projects.

I have been in the construction trades since 1987. Before starting the company, Ideal Building, I started as a laborer and worked my way through my apprenticeship. I became the lead man for a top Seattle based company. As with Bill, my experience ranges from major and minor residential projects to major commercial constructions. I also specialize in all aspects of steel construction and fabrication. Together we have overseen multi million dollar jobs as the project managers.

As you can see, Ideal Building prides itself in its excellent ability to manage its projects. As your contractor, we will handle all aspects of planning, construction, managing sub-contractors and maintenances of your project.

We hope to partner with you soon.

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